As a frontend-focused fullstack engineer, most of my work revolves around building beautiful digital experiences. My daily toolbox consists of react, javascript, python, tailwind, and figma, but I'm always eager to try new tools.

Industry Work

Kind of Professional


Fullstack Engineer

Building Resolv's website and the frontend infrastructure for their digital asset protection tool. Learning about web security, authentication, complex state management with context, and web3.

Gro Intelligence

Analyst Intern

As a fullstack intern on the special projects team, I designed & built Gro's global tradeflow visualisation tool and helped streamline their internal developer tools. Learned a lot about React's rendering cycle & Context API, web interactivity, and taking data apart in python.


Software Engineering Intern

At Mediaocean, I helped the ad software team migrate their RESTful APIs to GraphQL, and built parts of their client-facing webapp. Learned how to design APIs and write custom build jobs.

Fun Projects

Less Professional

The Library of Life

An iOS app that uses AI to answer questions you have about the podcasts you listen to. Started this project not only because I have a lot of unsanswered questions for podcast hosts, but also because I want to be able to quickly retrieve information from lengthy, information-dense episodes.


An AI tool that simplifies academic papers without loss of information so that anyone can extract relevant, actionable information from them. I built this mostly because I was getting tired of hearing conflicting opinions about nutrition data and was having a hard time understanding the statistical methods and industry-specific jargon used in the studies I was reading. Learning a lot about async requests, data streaming, and CSS.

This website; it's more complicated than it should be, and that's only because I wanted to implement almost everything from scratch to teach myself the fundamentals of web architecture.